About Us

Who are we

As vegans, we are selling clothing choices that are consistent with your beliefs and values.

Here, we believe in veganism, and our store is created to provide vegans with ethical fashion items. Promoting fair trade of ethical fashion items is what make you and us happy every time.

One slogan drives our action  – made by vegans for vegans.

If you’re searching for a vegan-friendly store that is more suitable for your clothing needs, this is the right place to shop online.

At vegandharmashop.com, we provide our fellow vegans with quality and ethical clothes which deepens their care for animals and also ensure the commitment to veganism.

Having established a strong relationship with reliable suppliers of vegan clothes, we will continue to differentiate ourselves from competitors by delivering unique and quality vegan clothes – hoodies, t-shirts, etc. to you at all times and worldwide.

Where are we going

We’ve envisioned a period when all ethical clothes in our store will be produced solely by vegans. Our team is striving hard to raise more capital so we can help establish vegan family businesses across the world. This will give all vegan artist one shop stop where they will have a chance to create a brand of their choice and also sell it here, for you.

Best bits

We are extremely proud to partner with a reputable non-profit organisation - Soi Dog Foundation, who were able to rescue many dogs and cats from cruel treatment.

We committed to give 10% of all our profits to this awesome charity so we can support our furry friends.

Whether you donate directly to Soi Dog Foundation, or buy from us, fellows like him always win!


Mariko soi dog foundation